Sheepskins from our Silverlamb Collection. Selected for colour, softness, silky wool and the characteristic shine. All pelts are from Gotland Sheep Lambs and colours are 100% natural. Sheepskins mesure ~ 24" x 32" (60 x 80 cm) Use your sheepskin as a rug or blanket or as a unique decoration. Colours and shine makes this an immediate eye-catcher in your living room.

Gotland Sheepskin - Black

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  • Sheepskins from Gotland Sheep have its origin from our Swedish farm, and tanning has been made in Sweden to preserve the natural colour, shine and softness of the grey wool. Sheepskins sheared to 1,4 inches wool lenght are washable and shows the unique grey curls perfectly. Washable means your sheepskin can be rinsed in water and the wool will not felt. In a washer on woolprogramme the rear side of the skin will turn less soft - we recommend spotcleaning, rinsing outside and it will stay soft for  long time.