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Coming courses 2018/ 2019 Hand-sewing in Sheepskin

Interested in learning more about hand-sewing in sheepskin? Anette Skoog will teach basic and more advanced classes starting in October 2018.

Dates and booking links available from late July.

1-day Basic skills course covers the techniques used to create small items from sheepskin.

Content covers different types of sheepskins and how to select the right quality and type for your project. We will talk about wool types and sheep breeds to understand the background of this natural material. Students will practice basic hand-sewing techniques and use their new skills to finish an own, small choosen project. Make a pair of mittens, slippers or a teddybear.

Course fee covers needles, thread, paperclips, material and sheepskin for practice + one project.

Students bring their own note book, ruler, thimble and sharp scissor.

Additional material available for sale during the course day.

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