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WE have dedicated our sheep breeding to the beautiful Gotland Sheep, known for its shiny, grey wool. Each year our Lambs  gives us a supersoft wool in the 16-22 micron range and also fantastic pelts.
WE make all  handcrafted items and clothes you can see on our page and in our webshop. All sheepskins come from our own Gotland Sheep flock and have been tanned to ensure the supersoft, washable sheepskins that are our signature.
 If YOU are interested in our Gotlands or just want to know more about the breed - please  send us an email to We have worked hard over the years to bring what we believe is  the solid base for professional and profitable sheep operations & breeding.  Customers & Requests regarding our genetics are always welcome. We export frozen semen from our best rams world-wide.
To breed high-quality Gotland sheep,  suitable for the wool, fiber and pelt markets and to sell our flock genetics to  sheep farmers world-wide.
To breed top-quality  and dual-purpose Gotlands that can compete in profitability with any other sheep breed and other livestock including cattle. Selection of all sheep based on the Swedish scoring system and EBV`s giving body conformation, growth rate and wool quality priority. Raise sheep that can grow well on pasture. Produce wool, fiberproducts, pelts and finished items of high quality for our customers.
All our products , wool, fiber and sheepskin items are now available for orders on-line
and we ship world-wide.
WE design and make all items you can see on this page, and our products have been Prize / Award winning in several judged Art & Craft shows in the United States.
WE won an Award of Merit for judged art works at Winter Park Art Festival 2017. This event is ranked among the top-4 juried Art and Craft events in the U.S. Among 1100 applicants, we were one of 275 selected participants, and won our award in competition with the 60 best art and craftsmen/women.
Our design were selected as the "Stylists Choice" at American Craft Councils Show in Baltimore 2017.
2017 we won 2nd Place in the Fiber Arts Competition at New York Sheep & Wool Festival with our sheepskin blanket & accessories design.
YOU can meet us on events for the fiber, sheep, wool, craft and art communities or send an e-mail if you would like us to send photos of a certain item before ordering or to discuss custom made orders.
PLEASE contact us by e-mail or phone/text if you have any questions or would like a personalized, custom made item. We are making rugs, blankets and wearable on request so you get the measures you need.
Anette Skoog D.V.M
Gotland Sheep & Wool International
Elite OviGen
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