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Ervalla Gotlands are raised to produce the finest and most uniform wool our customers can find. Our sheep are born to perform on pasture and to be a profitable alternative of sheep in large and small flocks. Whether you keep 10 or 1000 ewes - we have the knowledge to help you grow your flock.

Our 3 Breeding Principles

Dual-purpose Gotlands for meat & wool

Pasture-raised lambs

Wool evaluation & Quality Assurance

Authenticity - Integrity - Transparency

We breed pure bred Gotland Sheep based on 100% Swedish bloodlines and according to the Swedish Breed Standard. All lambs are evaluated at 110 days, performance recorded and registered. We use genetic parentage testing & OFDA wool analysis in our breeding programmes. Selection is based on facts and ET/AI techniques are used to preserve and export genetics.

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