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We can help you establish and grow your Gotland flock and gain access to elite genetics from performance recorded rams and ewes. You are welcome to contact us if you want to book coming lambs, learn how AI/ET can be used in your flock or know more about the breed. 


We breed pure bred Gotland Sheep based on 100% Swedish bloodlines and according to the Swedish Breed Standard. All lambs are evaluated at 110 days of age for quality assurance purposes.  



Our sheep are evaluated, performance recorded, registered and sold vaccinated, hoof trimmed, de-wormed . We only select the best lambs from each generation for breeding  and sale purposes and believe not all sheep should reproduce.

Selection is the way to maintain and improve quality.


Performance recorded rams & ewes

Lamb evaluation data available

Genetic Parentage testing

Objective wool analysis using OFDA

ET/AI used to preserve and export elite genetics

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