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We breed Gotlands in USA and New Zealand based on 100% Swedish bloodlines. We export our genetics using frozen semen and embryos to destinations world-wide.

You can find all our AI rams listed on the website, join our newsletter for information about our sheep and genetics for sale.


Our breeding programme started in Sweden. We had the great opportunities to buy 2 larger flocks of breeding ewes from Imnas & Oppeby Estate.

Both flocks had a long history with  owners dedicated to raise high quality Gotlands.

We introduced the first 100% Swedish Gotland sheep to New Zealand 2017 using embryotransfer to preserve the very best Swedish blood lines for the future.

Our flock in New Zealand is registered with New Zealand Sheep Breeders Association with flock number #1.

The first 100% Swedish, purebred Gotland sheep in USA were born 2021 and introduced using embryos from our flock in New Zealand. We can help you establish your Gotland sheep flock, 

here in USA or abroad.

Contact us for more information.



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