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Breeding for silvercurls - Gotland Sheep Selection & Evaluation

Aim of class

This 1-day class gives students basic knowledge about the common evaluation system for selection of Gotland sheep in their country of origin, Sweden. Participants will learn more about selection tools used to gain quality and uniformity in color, curls, wool type and how to identify less desirable traits.

Useful information for anyone interested in the Gotland sheep, their history, wool and

selection made to gain progress in a breeding programme.

This is an interactive class, students will be given time to use some theory around

wool quality parameters  in practice


Class schedule

History of the Gotland Sheep

Swedish Breed Standard

Basic Genetics & Genetic tools

Records - why keeping track of things is key

Wool quality - parameters and evaluation

Hands-on demonstration using pelts.

Body Conformation, Growth rate & other important traits.

Evaluation & Selection of lambs for breeding

Practical details:

Bring a note book

Drinks & snacks available during class for a small fee.

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