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Welcome to our class registration pages.

I hope you will find something of interest and to see you in class, soon!

If you have any questions, would like to book a class for your handcraft guild/group or book a seminar for sheep breeders in your area – send an e-mail to:


About your instructor:

Anette Skoog is a D.V.M, Gotland Sheep Breeder and Scandinavian skinnfell fiber artist.

Anette received her D.V.M degree from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences 1998 and has worked with mixed large and small animal practice. She has spent 15 years in various managing / Director positions within the pharmaceutical research, animal health and agricultural industries. Her teaching experience includes seminars and classes for small and large audiences. She served as the vice Chairman for the Swedish Sheep Industry Association 2010-2014, as a chairman of the national board for Swedish Livestock Producers 2012-2014 and has been active on the board level in several organizations related to agriculture, meat production and  animal health during her career. The family-owned farming operations started small, was growing to 700 ewes and 200 beef cattle on a yearly basis. Today, the farming and breeding operations are focused 100% on high-quality sheep and cattle for the domestic and international market.


She works with sheepskin and veg-tanned leather to create both wearable and decorative items. Learning the handcraft techniques in her country of origin, Sweden, she found it important to preserve and use the old hand-sewing and wood block printing techniques to get the right finish. Her signature work,  large sheepskin coverlets with printed and painted pattern are inspired by the Scandinavian tradition. 

Anette has shown her work in several judged fine art & craft exhibitions and shows around the United States, including the American Craft Council show, Baltimore, Winter Park Art Festival, Florida and One of A Kind, Chicago. She has won awards for her work including at the New York Sheep & Wool Festival, Rhinebeck 2017. She worked with furniture and fashion designers to create beautiful interior design and wearable one-of-a-kind pieces made of Gotland pelts.

Anette teaches classes for students interested to learn more about the possibilities using sheepskin as a unique fabric. Her background as a Gotland sheep breeder with the production of pelts was the starting point for making things in sheepskin. Inspired by skilled master crafters, many early items were created in parallell with a demanding day-job, to expand the product mix in the familys farm store. When moving to U.S.A, the fiber art work had already emerged to an art and craft business with customers in many states from east to west. Her mission today is to inspire and teach traditional techniques, for people interested in this type of handcraft and fiber art.

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