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Breeding Ewes for Sale


You can sign up for our waitlist 2024 by contacting us by e-mail:

We have proven Gotlans ewes for sale coming from good genetic lines and well known Swedish and American flocks. All ewes have lambed in April 2023 and are now ready to move on to new owners.  They are vaccinated, hoof trimmed, de-wormed and registered in GSBANA / AGSS.

For individual photos, pedigrees and info - scroll down and please check all for sale pages (one for each flock of origin).


20052 Izzee.jpg

OR Izzee 20052

Sire: OR Galahad 8006 (swe Skinnarve Allan)
Dam: OR Granola 8032

Born 04/24/20 - Single

JThis ewe gave a beautiful ewe lamb this year, selected for breeding with high evaluation scores (including a 5 for natural shine) and good weaning weight.

OR Imani 20045 - SOLD

Sire: OR Filmore 7012 (Swe Sindarve Nestor)
Dam: OR Gretchen 8024 

Born 04/23/2020 - Single

Lamb Evaluation Scores

From one of our best ewe lines, sire is OR Filmore after Swedish AI ram Sindarve Nestor. Ewes from Open Reach are good mothers who raise fast growing lambs each year,.Imani has a beautiful silver color in her fleece and the wool is absolutely top quality. 

220045 Imani.jpg
20059 Inez_edited.jpg

OR Inez 20059

Sire: OR Filmore 7012  (Sindarve Nestor)
Dam: OR Griselda 8036

Born 04/26/2020- Single

Inez is from one of our best ewe lines, grandsire is Swedish Sindarve Nestor. She raised 2 lambs 2023;

OR Ilana 20063

Sire: OR Gandalf 8005
Dam: OR Estrid 6028

Born 06/03/2020 Twin

This ewe is a real gem! Her sire line is based on Ervalla Grey Fifty a Swedish AI ram and we are keeping her sister and many ewe lambs from the same line.

Characteristics from Open Reach, hardy ewes who raise fast growing lambs on pasture.

20063 Ilana_edited.jpg
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