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Breeding Ewes for Sale

Fall season 2023.


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We have proven Gotlans ewes for sale coming from good genetic lines and well known Swedish and American flocks. All ewes have lambed in April 2023 and are now ready to move on to new owners.  They are vaccinated, hoof trimmed, de-wormed and registered in GSBANA / AGSS.

For individual photos, pedigrees and info - scroll down and please check all for sale pages (one for each flock of origin).


RCF Gianna, RCF Gustava & RCF Jewelya are ewes from Swedish AI lines. These ewes have given us rams and ewes of breeding quality and is a perfect fit if you would like to start or expand your breeding program.

562 Gustava.jpg

RCF 562 Gustava

Sire: Sindarve Nestor  (SWE-AI)
Dam: RCF Felicity 529

Born 01/31/2017   - Single

Gustava has raised 4 lambs (!) this year and is still going strong! Sired by Swedish Sindarve Nestor she represents a successful bloodline, and she is the only ewe from these lines we sell 2023. Good mother, good milk yield and friendly. A super ewe!

RCF 480 Gianna

Sire: Skinnarve Allan  (SWE)
Dam: RCF Freeda 527

Born 02/02/2017- Single

Gianna has successfully raised lambs in our flock and her milking ability means: they grow fast!

This is one of the last breeding ewes available after AI sires from the RCF flock.

Gianna 480_edited.jpg
825 Jewelya_edited.jpg

RCF 824 Jewelya

Sire: RCF Gustav 477
Dam: RCF Ivonka 801

Born 02/08/2021 - Triplet

The ewe lines after RCF Gustav are doing really well in our flock, we are keeping many of these ewes but Jewwlya is for sale to reduce the number of ewes after same sire.

She raised twins 2023

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