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Breeding Ewes for Sale

Fall season 2023.


Please join our waitlist for 2024:


We have proven Gotlans ewes for sale coming from good genetic lines and well known Swedish and American flocks. All ewes have lambed in April 2023 and are now ready to move on to new owners.

Our 3rd group of TVF ewes are all Black, the darkest shade of approved Gotland colors. Sunbleach can cause the tips to fade in red summer time but they all grow a pure black fleece.

Good evaluation scores for these girls and soft fleeces perfect for the handspinners market.  

161 Cheyenne.jpg

TVF 161 Cheyenne

Sire: TVF Zorn 36   (Ervalla Ztarke)
Dam: ATF Gabi 08

Born 05/06/2021  - Twin

Another beautiful Zorn daughter, 

Lamb evaluation scores:
Black 5 Medium Lock 3 Shine 4 Silk 4 Wool 4 

Overall score 4 Body conformation: R

TVF 138 Soixante

Sire: RCF Ellis 1803    (Ervalla Grey Ztrong)
Dam: GSBANA 1535

Born 04/29/2021 - Twin

Soixante is the ewe with the right evaluation and quality Gotland genetics in her pedigree.

Lamb evaluation:
Black 4.5 Medium Lock 4 Shine 3.5 Silk 3 Wool 4

Overall score 4 Body conformation R minus

138 Soixante.jpg
147 Lily.jpg

TVF 147 Lily

Sire: RCF Ellis 1803     (Ervalla Grey Ztrong)
Dam: GSBANA 1536

Born 05/02/2021- Twin

Daughter of RCF Ellis, one of the rams from ROnan County Fibers with influence on many American flocks. 

Lamb evaluation scores for Lily:
Black 4 Medium Lock 3 Shine 3 Silk 4 Wool 4

Overall 3 Body conformation O plus

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