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 Gotland Sheep Breeder?  

- Looking for progress in your breeding programme?

-Want an individual evaluation of your flocks / lambs phenotypical strenghts

    incl. written scoring logs?

-Want to learn more about  selection of Gotlands?


Lamb / flock evaluation services available for summer 202


Due to COVID-19 I have limited travel this year. But you can still get wool evaluation by sending samples by mail.

See instructions below:



Yearly evaluation of all lambs born in a specific flock and

structured recording of quality parameters are important tools

for Gotland Sheep breeders.

Anette´s current services for sheep breeders

include full evaluation of your wool samples which includes

a written report showing wool quality data, flock averages and

recommendations. The Swedish breed standard is used for evaluation to

make results comparable across different flocks.

Send 3 wool samples per sheep (3 x 5-10 locks, full length taken

from mid-shoulder, level of last rib, mid-hindlimb). Use ziplock

bags, one per sheep / 3 samples and mark each bag with ear tag no.

Use a permanent marker (!).

Add your contact information, name,

address, e-mail and number of samples.

Wool samples can be sent by regular mail, digital reports are returned

within 7 days from arrival. Cost: $25 + $2.50/sheep. 

Send samples + check payment to Skoog´s Sheep & Cattle Co P.O Box 641060 Beverly Hills, FL 34464

For questions, send an e-mail to




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