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Our ewes are based on the lines we aquired from Imnas and Oppeby, built on genetics from Gannarve, Enge, Hultet and Ansta.


We later used Sindarve blood to strenghten specific traits.

Sindarve Zeb, Sindarve Frodo and Sindarve Bla were purchased to our flock to strenghten body conformation, meat yield and lock conformation in our ewe flock.

 Sindarve Bla is a "super sire" with extreme genetic capacity for meat yield in the Gotland breed and he passes this on to his lambs.  He has been the top-1 Gotland ram in Sweden for meat yield traits 2 consecutive years in a row. In parallell he has Sindarves strong genetics for lock conformation and wool quality. Bla was sold for a record price paid for an adult Gotland ram at the Gotland island auction.

Frodo has strenghtened the uniform lock conformation and overall wool

quality. Zeb has given some of the best dual-purpose Gotlands born  in our flock with high growth gain, fertility and wool quality, his sons Ervalla Ztarke and Ervalla Grey Ztrong have been exported to USA and New Zealand.

Some of our best ewes with very uniform color and wool quality are from a

sire line based on Gannarve Ztor,

Rams from Hultet, Lindholmen and Nors have further enhanced the wool quality and uniform color in our flock.

Last but not least, our Nors Futuro born on northern Gotland,

a ram selected for his excellent wool traits. His sire Avan was ranked top-1 for wool quality  in the Swedish EBV system 2015. Futuro reached top-12 rank among older rams for wool quality and his lambs has a fantastic, uniform color.

The Swedish Sheep Breeders Association 

publish yearly ranking lists of the Gotland sheep flocks with highest average

(EBV index) for wool quality and growth gain based on all ewes in each flock.

2020 Swedish ranking list for wool quality

#5 Sindarve - Average Index 122,3 (266 ewes)

#14 Avan - Average Index 115,5 (38 ewes) 

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