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Born 14th of April 2015 - Grey (110 days) - Medium Curl

Sire: Sindarve Blå

Dam: Oppeby 12502 (Hultets 6033 "the Pirate" - Gannarve Ztor)



Ervalla Blue Magic Merlin has been selected from the Sindarve Blå sireline and our successfull Hultet/Gannarve ewe-line to bring some interesting genetics to the coming generations. He has a fantastic curl and soft wool. He has been selected for his dual-purpose traits, since we are aiming to enhance both body / growth / fertility and wool traits over time. This ram combines the best traits from boths sides of the coin and add value to his lambs.


Estimated Breeding Values (2017) - Genetic Index

Birth weight: 114

Growth rate (Direct)110d: 116

Growth rate (Maternal) 110d: 111

Growth rate (slaughter): 119

Body conformation 110days: 127

Body conformation (slaughter): 131

Fertility > 2nd litter: 108

Colour quality: 95

Curl quality: 111

Wool quality: 106

Total pelt index: 110


Breed average: 100

Top 10% Index > 110

Top 1% Index > 130


On farm scoring data from 110 days - Phenotypic values

Body conformation: R

Colour quality: 5

Curl quality: 5

Wool quality: 4

Wool quant: 4

Total score: 4

Ervalla Blue Magic Merlin (EU/NZ)

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