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Born October 18th 2018 - Grey (110 days) - Medium Curl

Sire: Nors Futuro

Dam: Ervalla Blue Xperia

Birth weight: 5,59 kg / 12.3 lb

110 day weight: 47 kg / 103.6 lb

Daily gain @110 days: 360 g / 0.8 lb


Ervalla New Zilver has been selected from the Nors Futuro sireline and one of the best Ervalla ewes, Blue Xperia. Nors Futuro was ranked as one of the 15th best Swedish Gotland rams for 2 years for his wool quality. Grandsire Avan has been ranked top-1 Gotland ram in Sweden. Ervalla Blue Xperia is the result of the best bloodlines from the Swedish mainland (Hultet) and the Gotland island ( Sindarve).

What about Zilver? He has a fantastic curl and soft, uniform wool. He has been selected for his dual-purpose traits, since we are aiming to enhance body / growth / fertility and wool traits over time. This ram combines the best traits from boths sides of the coin and add value to his lambs.


Phenotypical data: 



Estimated Breeding Values (2019) - Genetic Index

Birth weight: 110

Growth rate (Direct)110d: 110

Growth rate (slaughter): 110

Body conformation 110days: 121

Body conformation (slaughter): 114

Fertility > 2nd litter: 103

Colour quality: 108

Curl quality: 125

Wool quality: 123

Total pelt/wool index: 124


Breed average: 100

Top 10% Index > 110

Top 1% Index > 130


On farm scoring data from 110 days - Phenotypic values

Body conformation: U

Colour quality: 5

Curl quality: 5

Wool quality: 5

Wool distribution/quantity 4

Silkiness: 5

Shine: 5

Total score: 5 (29p)






Ervalla New Zilver (USA/CAN/NZ)

SKU: NZ770022020
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