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U.S Gotland Lambs 2018

First Lambs from our Swedish flock are now born in U.S.A! We are proud to announce that the first lambs after AI made with semen from our Swedish rams are now born. We will see lambs in Maryland, Montana, Oregon and Washington this year, and more to come 2019.

This project started several years ago and the journey was long Before we could finally import semen to the U.S for domestic breeders. We look forward to see the outcome, the rams selected in this project came from top-quality lines and the best of them are also top-ranked in the Swedish EBV system, i.e among the best rams in the country of origin.

Lambs born this year should hopefully recieve good wool and carcass quality from their superior sires and improve the genetic pool here in the U.S

If you are interested in Gotland sheep for the future, we are happy to help you with any inquiries. If you are looking for live sheep for sale in the U.S or look for Gotland genetics in other countries, please send us an e-mail and we can help you further.

Gotland sheep are known for their shiny, grey fleece, with a fine longwool (16-22 micron) with excellent spinning and felting quality. The pelts from Gotlands are used for fashion and handmade items since a long time and the wool is used for woven, knitted or felted items. Gotland lambs are born black, but will shift into the most beutiful grey colour the first couple of months. Due to the high demand for Gotland fiber and pelts and a gentle and easy-care characteristic for the sheep they are recieving an increasing interest from breeders in many areas of the World.

Gotland Sheep is one of the Swedish national breeds, and they origin from the island of Gotland outside the Swedish mainland, located in the Baltic Sea. Gotlands are present in small and large scale flocks from South to North in Sweden, being one of the few sheep breeds that can effectively compete in profitability with any other sheep breed as well as beef cattle.. Genetic progress and maintanence of the national Swedish flock is ensured by the use of an extensive phenotypical scoring of all registered lambs, as well as the use of breed specific EBV´s (estimated breeding values).

Photos: Ronan Country Fibers

Photo: Ronan Country Fibers

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