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Class about Gotland Sheep - Selection & Evaluation

Breeding for silvercurls - myth, magic or reality?

Class about Gotland Sheep - Selection & Evaluation

First class this fall: Sunday August 26th, Chandlersville, Ohio

Dead-line for registration: Aug 16th

We will organize a couple educational seminars for people interested in the Gotland Sheep Breed and to learn more about the evaluation & selection of Gotlands.

Topics we will cover include background history, basic genetics, evaluation of Gotland wool and the parameters involved. Fertility, body conformation, growth rate and exterior will also be discussed as well as selection for desirable traits.

Everyone is welcome - new breeders and more experienced, Everyone will leave with some useful information they can apply in their own breeding programme. If you havn´t started your flock yet, or have a general interest in the breed, this is a good start to learn more about Gotlands.

Go to (Select Classes on our home page)

to read more and register on-line.

More locations will be posted during fall 2018 & winter/summer 2019.

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