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Ervalla rams 2023

Lamb evaluation 2023 is in the books!

The top - 5% ram lambs are identified and selected for breeding.

Ervalla Grey Lindgren (photo) and his full brother Ervalla Grey Grenholm was in the small group of top scored ram lambs this year.

Sired by Ervalla Grey Lindh and out of RCF Joyella, they were joined in this group by half brother Ervalla Blue Lindh (having the 2nd highest scores of all lambs this year).

Blue Lindh’s mom is Ervalla Blue Elsa, born 2022 out of Sindarve Blå and TVF Elsa.

Our #1 ram lamb this year is Ervalla Grey Hans, born after a very good ewe, Open Reach Hope and sired by Open Reach Blue Oden.

Best daily gain on pasture only, of the future breeding rams, had Ervalla Grey Frej, 115lb /52 kg @110 days sired by Open Reach Blue Frej.

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