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Results Lambing Season Part 1 - 2022

April lambing for Ervalla Gotlands USA 🇺🇸 is now finished ✅

First season of maple syrup is also completed ✅

We are very happy for the results in this ewe group.

43 ewes lambed, we got 9 triplets, 31 twins and 3 singles for a total of 92 lambs. Average 2.14 lambs / ewe and with average birth weights of 9.0 lb / 4.0 kg.

Our lambs are sired by 10 different sires, 8 Swedish 🇸🇪 AI rams and 2 US born rams with Swedish sires. Pleased with how well our ewes have taken care of their lambs, we adopted one twin to another ewe, all triplets are with their own mom. Our internal “Ervalla growth gain league” had a clear leader 🥇 for the first 3 weeks, a ram lamb after Sindarve Amor. He is now challenged by 3 other ram lambs, we will see how the standings are at weighing in mid-June (~60 days).

Now time to do other work out on the fields, setting new high fences before next lambing group starts. Saving the best for last, we are looking forward to the May lambing.

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