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Gotland Sheep Show - Judging at the Black Sheep Gathering, OR 2019.

A good day to remember - I judged 42 Gotland Sheep at the Black Sheep Gathering today. I was very pleased with the obvious improvement in quality level for the sheep shown and also noticed more participating breeders this year. The rams had many individuals showing off the characteristic Gotland Grey color and well defined curls. Several rams had the desired flexible locks, wool diameter and shine characteristic for the Gotland breed. The Champion ram was a senior lamb born before March 1st with a great fleece, natural shine and clear, well defined curls. Among the ewes I noticed a high quality in body conformation which is important to keep the breed as a dual-purpose sheep for meat and fiber. Variation in fleece quality was higher in this group, more diverse curl conformation and presence of pepper & salt decreased the scores for color and curls. Overall a good, increased quality. Champion ewe was a fantastic yearling, great body conformation and type 

with soft, silky wool and clearly defined curls. I highly appreciate the opportunity to judge Gotlands in Oregon, the hub for this breed in western United States.  

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