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Victory has arrived to USA!

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Ervalla New Victory has arrived to USA!

We are proud to present this outstanding ram, born and raised in New Zealand. He is out of our 100% Swedish bloodlines and we are looking forward to see his lambs born 2022.

All frozen semen from this ram is SOLD OUT. We still have a limited number of straws from other Gotland rams for sale to US breeders and some available for other export destinations.

In parallel with Gotlands we also have frozen semen from other breeds for sale

(sorry, but some breeds are sold out for this year).

Contact us if you are interested and would like more information.

Good to know:

- All AI rams undergo extensive health testing to be eligible for export.

- We have quality assurance checks of semen produced during the collection period and after the straws arrive to USA to ensure best results in your flock.

- Working with a good AI technician / veterinarian is key for your success rates in parallel with selection of the right ewes.

- You can get AI services on farm in almost any (US) location, we can help you get connected with the right people.

- Learn how to care for your ewes before and after AI , if you are not interested in this, use natural mating instead.

Selection of rams & number of straws:

- All rams are evaluated @110 days using the Swedish Breed Standard as the reference.

- AI rams are selected based on PERFORMANCE - we use estimated breeding values, flock statistics & data, to select for genetic capacity.

- We try to make AI available to both larger and smaller flocks, you can order smaller numbers of straws from us.

- If you want to ensure your straws for the next years breeding season - order EARLY.

We wish all our Gotland friends Happy Halloween!🎃

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