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Gotland Wool & Yarn

The joy of shepherds harvest!

We are always amazed of the amount of yarn you get from one single Gotland fleece. Ervalla Elegant Elsa produced the lamb wool for the 8 skeins of 3-ply, 250 yards fingering weight yarn in the photo. Given that each fleece is somewhere between 2.5-3 lb the losses in the spinning process aren’t too big. Each skein of lambwool feels like a treasure, there will obviously only be one lamb fleece from each sheep and they’re sheared at 6-8 months.

One common question we get from customers is - “how much yarn do I need for my knitting project?”. Well, it depends on yarn weight, skein length, and strand thickness (#1-3ply).We have Gotland yarns available in a wide variety of weights to fit every need. Gotland silver shine included!


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