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Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival 2023

We are very proud for our 2nd place in the Gotland breed section of wool show and sale at MDSWF this year. Only 2 fleeces are placed in each breed class and a record number of 63 fleeces were entered in the Gotland class. We only submitted wool from our breeding rams this year and the award winning fleece came from Ervalla Grey Shaun. Shaun was selected among 60 ram lambs last year as being one of our top-3 rams from 2022. This ram had high evaluation scores and his lambs born 2023 look very promising so far. Shaun is born as a triplet and his two sisters will be bred later this year. Awesome start of the show and competition year for us!

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Congratulations! You’ve come a long way, and have done so with fortitude and breeding integrity.

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