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Shearing of Gotlands

Shearing of Gotlands.

To get the highest quality and value out of your wool products - plan your shearing. Here is what we do:

Ewes are sheared 6-8 weeks before lambing and again 6 months after lambing. If you have Gotlands in Northern Europe/USA and Canada with a peak lambing time as of April 1st-15th, this means shearing in February and late October. We try to do fall shearing 2-3 weeks before the rams join their ewes.

Lambs can be sheared after lamb evaluation @110 days and the locks grow out again within 6-8 weeks. This can help drive lambs to eat more and grow steadily during a period of time when they may otherwise slow down in daily weight gain. We do not shear lambs over 40(38) kg @110 days since they reach their target market weight faster than 6-8 weeks.

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