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A fantastic year!

It has been such a fantastic year for us, establishing a new farm and home in Michigan.

Our Gotland ewes came to the farm in early March, just before lambing.

Since then we have had one of the most intensive years, ever, working on our The Three Towers Farm.

We lambed around 60 ewes 2022 and got just over 120 beautiful black Gotland lambs. Many of them were born after AI with Swedish sires and have grown to outstanding representatives of the breed.

Our time has been filled with building new infrastructure, fences being the priority to protect our livestock from predators.

We have later added two new members of the family, our livestock guardian dogs Artemis & Hera.

Our mission is to increase the productivity of our hay fields and build a healthy soil for the future, by the means of rotational grazing. Planning is the key to achieve this goal, 2023 will be very interesting in terms of measuring the effects of some development projects we started this year.

We enjoy working with our animals, their silvercurls create a special shine here on our farm.

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